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Dongguan shun bao plastic products co., LTD

Dongguan shun bao plastic products co., LTDDongguan City Shunbao Plastic Products Co., Ltd

The company was established in(2003Years),Covers an area of five thousand square meters,Is a collection of bicycle helmet/Roller skating helmet/Skating helmet/The ski helmet/Drifting water sports helmets/Equestrian helmets/Such as sports sportsEPSThe helmet design research and development、Production sales、Services and the integration of the company。
The company introduced a number of import molding equipment,Specializing in the productionEPSStyrofoam packaging products,Widely used in all kinds of household electrical appliances、Glass ceramic products、Mechanical equipment and parts、Furniture、Protection of food and so on various types of products shockproof packaging...

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Personnel should wear a helmet to ride a motorcycle,So that in the event of a traffic accident,To protect the head,Limit the damage。But...
First we helmet shell;Maintain the luster of the helmet is a contradictory problem,Because the luster of the helmet is due to us...
1、EPS(Poly (acrylic)Helmet,The interior of the helmet is poly acrylic,External for the plastic shell,A lot of...
The function of the bicycle helmet to protect cyclists life is unassailable。According to the highway safety insurance research report...
In relative terms,Helmet is the lighter the better。But the lighter cycling helmet,It tests by national security certification test standard...