One hundred plastic beadsThe quality for this

26Years focused on plastic manufacturers

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28Rise in the pearl river(Thickening)

A1The pearl river health barrels

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915The paper basket

A3Luxurious health barrels(6L)

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A1Luxurious health barrels(12L)

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1#The pearl river high stool

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2614Preservation box

2615Preservation box

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5858AColor a locker(Transparent/Solid color)

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16CMWater scoop

16CMWater scoop

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020#Goose cage

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Alibaba integrity7Years

26Focus on plastic production research and development experience

We adopt high quality raw materials,Never use secondary recycling waste,Guarantee the quality of the product

The product is a modified plastic production,Exclusive formula,Resilient,Compressive resistance to fall off,Ageing resistance。

Compared with similar products extend the use cycle in half the time。

The traditional process,Color turbidity,Transparency is low impact product image。

Enjoy life, quality-oriented

Enjoy life,Based on quality

Choose our plastic beads

Strong production strength

Alibaba power business certification,Factory covers an area of6More than square,We have excellent equipment、Dozens of production lines and large storage,Supply safe is made of high quality“HDPE”The original material,Good quality from the source through comprehensivelyISO9001-2000The quality management system certification,To ensure the safety of the product

Custom products

Independent mold development department,Professional team to provide science senior customized programs can be designed according to customer demand customized product technology research and development team has26Years of industry experience,Production technology innovation leads the industry standard,Easy to deal with all kinds of custom requirements

Professional team close serviceSERVICE

24Hours of service,A quick response,Cargo has nearly hundred people team in a timely manner,A strong production team and design team24Hours of service,Delivery fast response,The ability to ensure timely supply your needs,The whole company are always at your service

No secondary recycling waste

Using high quality raw materials,Guarantee the quality of the product

Advanced blow molding technology

Exclusive formula,Resilient,Compressive resistance to fall off,Ageing resistance

Long service life

Compared with similar products extend the use cycle in half the time

80,0 spending habits have changed quietly Copy

Quality stems from the attention to every detail

Plastic beads,Enjoy life,With the quality not this




We not only produce high quality plastic hardware,Is brought to the publicResources、Light、Comfortable、Happy life experience,Advocate a new attitude to life,Enjoy life,Based on quality......

No leisure business model innovation,Since star a foothold in the restaurant industry,Also let consumers can taste the star at any time。


Plastic beads 26Focus on plastic production research and development experience

Compared with similar products to extend the time of general use cycle,Resilient,Compressive resistance to fall off、Ageing resistance

Bead plastic 26 focus on plastic production research and development experience

Into the plastic beads

Into the plastic beads

The company has a professional design team,So the products accord with human body engineering design,Most of the products won the design patent,Made of high quality“HDPE”Raw material and has the international advanced、A high degree of automation of production testing equipment、From raw materials to the factory

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